Traditional Waste Heat Recovery Units

Traditional WHRUs employ the standard “serpentine” layout of finned tubes and tubesheets to form the Heat Transfer Coil and typically they have a separate, external Bypass duct. They too can be installed in both horizontal and vertical orientations, with the exhaust gas flow regulated by multi-louvre dampers. A failsafe linkage is coupled between the coil and bypass dampers to ensure there is always an open route to atmosphere for the GT exhaust gas.

Our WHRUs offer a cost effective, efficient and extremely reliable solution, where equipment footprint and weight are not restricted (typically onshore installations). We supply units sized for a wide range of gas turbine capacities (from 3MWe to 50MWe), with Coils manufactured from a variety of steels: Carbon A106, P11, P22 and stainless steel (304, 316, 321H) to suit the most arduous of operating environments.

Similar to our circular units, our WHRUs are a ‘Cold Casing’ design, which provides a 60°C external skin surface temperature. Our internal lining system is designed in-house and incorporates stainless steel liner plates to withstand the high gas velocities exiting the GT.

Our WHRU packages are fully assembled at our Works and a Factory Acceptance Test is performed prior to shipping.

image 22b

Images above: Struthers Energy & Power WHRU installation, Algeria. WHRUs packed ready for shipping and a completed 321H Stainless Steel coil prior to hydrotest.


Image Left: Trial assembly of two WHRU packages prior to FAT. Image Right: Final installation of Hydrotested Coil into WHRU Casing.