Circular Waste Heat Recovery Units

Our Waste Heat Recovery Units offer an extremely reliable, low maintenance solution for Gas Turbine heat recovery in Onshore, Offshore, FPSO and Platform applications. Our CWHRUs incorporate an integral concentric exhaust gas bypass system and radial vane control damper.

Our unique, patented Circular WHRUs utilise helically wound finned tube coil technology to produce a light weight, extremely efficient and durable heat exchanger Coil. We design and size our units based on the specific requirements of each project. We typically supply units for Gas Turbines in the power output range of 5 – 35MWe and exhaust gas temperatures up to 580°C. The coil manufacturing process means that there are typically 80% less pressure part welds required compared to a traditional serpentine coil. Our circular coils are manufactured from a range of carbon, alloy and stainless steels depending upon the application and client requirements.

Our Circular units are the No. 1 choice Worldwide for both retrofit or new build projects due to fast installation time (typically 1 day), reduced footprint, low COG and reduced equipment weight, which all result in overall project cost savings.

Our patented designs enable either Vertical or Tangential inlet to suit the configuration of the upstream GT exhaust.

Our CWHRUs are shipped fully assembled from our UK Manufacturing Works to minimise site installation requirements. They offer an extremely lightweight and compact solution for waste heat recovery for both Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas installations.


Our circular unit incorporates both the Bypass and Coil ducts within a single cylindrical casing making the unit extremely compact.

Our integral radial vane control damper is positioned below the Bypass and Coil ducts. It is hydraulically actuated, and the position of the vanes is modulated to regulate the flow of exhaust gas through the Coil in order to precisely control the thermal output of the WHRU. Any excess heat automatically passes to atmosphere via the bypass duct. The design is inherently failsafe, because at any damper position there is always a route to atmosphere for the GT exhaust gas.

The control damper design has been in operation since 2008 with some 45 units in operation worldwide. It has proven to be extremely reliable, robust and low maintenance.

We offer our WHRUs as a complete turnkey package including the damper hydraulic control unit and interface junction box. All WHRUs are fully assembled at our Works and we conduct a Factory Acceptance Test of the Damper system, which is open for witness by our Client’s Engineers and Inspectors.

Struthers have been supplying Circular WHRUs to the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years, and are proud to have over 100 of our WHRUs in operation worldwide. Our reference list of delivered projects can be downloaded here.