Circular Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are a key component in combined cycle gas turbine power plants. They capture waste heat from the GT exhaust, which would otherwise be lost to atmosphere. They convert this heat to raise superheated steam, which is used to generate electricity, thereby increasing the amount of electrical energy generated by the GT fuel input.

Struthers Energy and Power specialise in the supply of Circular HRSG Packages, where our Patented helically wound finned tube coil technology is used to provide an extremely compact solution for offshore, onshore applications and simple to combined cycle retrofits, where equipment footprint and weight are restricted.

We offer the complete turnkey package for conversion of open cycle GTs (generators and mechanical drive) to combined cycle. Our CHRSGs combined with our Patented Power Module provide an integrated solution from GT exhaust outlet through to Steam Turbine Generator export metering.


Image Above: Two Circular HRSGs supplied to Mjørud, Norway who then packaged them into a complete Module for the Eldfisk 2/7E platform. The two CHRSGs recover heat from 1 x LM2500 and 2 x LM1600 gas turbine generators

We design our CHRSGs bespoke for each project, with a single CHRSG catering for gas turbines sized between 15MWe (Titan 130) and 35MWe (LM2500 + G4) and an exhaust gas temperature of up to 580°C. Steam conditions are achievable up to 45BarG, 480°C depending on turbine exhaust gas parameters.

We can offer the option of an integral bypass damper arrangement (similar to our CWHRUs) or an external bypass damper/stack arrangement.


Image Left: Typical model view of CHRSG packed within module. Image Right: Twin CHRSGs providing superheated steam from 3 Gas Turbine Generators