Packaged Biomass and Waste to Energy Power Plants

Struthers Energy and Power offer a number of solutions to efficiently and reliably convert waste fuel, (typically waste biomass and RDF) into clean energy.
We utilise proven fluidised bed combustion coupled with our hybrid once through steam boiler to create a fully packaged system which also incorporates an integrated gas cleaning annular bag filter system (Patented).

Our packaged waste fuel systems are sized for thermal duties of up to and can provide dry saturated or superheated steam depending on the project requirements (Process steam or Power Generation). The fluid bed, radiant, convective and gas cleaning (bag filter) passes are all contained within a single, compact module which also includes a full steam driven sootblowing system.

This packaged system is particularly suited to projects where space is a premium – typically our clients have an existing industrial Heat or Power demand and wish to install embedded generation to provide clean and renewable energy within the site.

A Grade C Waste Wood Package providing 20,000kg/hr of 20BarG dry saturated steam for CHP

For larger scale projects, we supply our modular fluidised bed combustor, boiler package and Power Module. Due to equipment size, the fluid bed, radiant, convective and gas cleaning sections are separate Modules. The thermal capacity of the system is up to Higher thermal outputs are accommodated through installation of multiple trains.

The below reference plant is a 23MWe Grade C Waste Wood Power Plant. It has two boiler trains integrated with a single Power Module:

Tansterne Advanced Biomass Plant, UK.

Image Above: Tansterne Advanced Biomass Plant, UK.

Struthers were incredibly proud to be the major Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal and Process Design Contractor for the Tansterne Advanced Biomass Plant for Solar 21.